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Dental surgery

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Bariatric surgery
dental surgery tunisia.
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The techniques practiced in dental surgery in Tunisia  


Each patient should be assessed individually. In the end, the most suitable treatment for the patient depends on various selection criteria carefully examined by specialists.

Dental bridges
Dental crowns
Dental implants

What is dental surgery?


Dental aesthetics includes all the techniques to have pretty teeth. Beautiful teeth are often the expression of a certain social status. In our society which privileges appearance, it is an essential asset to facilitate social and professional relations as well as to strengthen self-esteem.

The surgical phase of a dental implantation consists of dental surgery, osseointegration and finally placement on a dental implant.

During dental surgery, the dental surgeon will open the gums to integrate the implant into the alveolar bone. This operation is done under local anesthesia.

Contraindications to dental surgery


A patient concerned by one of the following problems will have to take this into account in relation to dental surgery for the placement of implants:

  • diabetes

  • a transplant undergone in the past

  • immune deficiencies

  • a bone deficit in the jaw: following periodontitis for example.

  • risk of bleeding

  • heart problems

  • smoking: there is 7 times more risk of losing an implant in a smoker than in a non-smoker because the healing is less good

  • psychological problems: the patient must understand the stakes involved in placing an implant.

The content of this site does not replace any medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Only a health professional is able to answer any question relating to your state of health or to issue a medical opinion, diagnosis or medical treatment. Do not hesitate to seek the advice of your doctor.

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