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Cost of Sleeve Gastrectomy in Tunisia, France, Belgium, and Turkey

Where Can One Find the Most Affordable Prices for Sleeve Gastrectomy?

The cost of sleeve gastrectomy surgery depends on various factors such as the location of the clinic and the length of hospital stay. Consultation fees with a dietitian or nutritionist can also be high, especially for the initial appointment.

In Tunisia, although the cost of sleeve gastrectomy surgery is around €3500-€4100, it is important not to prioritize price over health. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct thorough research to find the best option for your health, whether it be price, quality of care, or the expertise of surgeons.

In France, the cost of sleeve gastrectomy surgery can vary from one clinic to another. On average, the price for such an intervention is around €15,000 in France.

In Belgium, sleeve gastrectomy surgery is very common. The cost of this intervention varies depending on the establishment and the level of care provided. On average, the price of sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Belgium ranges between €8000 and €11,000.

In Turkey, the cost of sleeve gastrectomy surgery can vary considerably depending on several factors, including the experience of the surgeon, the quality and quantity of equipment used during the operation, preoperative examination fees, and hospitalization expenses. Costs are around €3300-€3900.

Which Country Is the Cheapest for Obtaining a Sleeve Gastrectomy?

It is difficult to designate a single country as the "best" for sleeve gastrectomy surgery because each country has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of healthcare.

However, Tunisia has become a popular destination for obesity surgery due to the quality of care offered at a relatively affordable cost. Tunis is particularly known for its numerous clinics and hospitals offering quality treatments with experienced surgeons.

However, it is important to conduct thorough research and choose a reputable and reliable medical facility, regardless of the country where you choose to undergo sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

Patient Reviews of Dr. Patrick Noël

To obtain their feedback on the procedures, a Facebook group has been created for discussing the outcomes.


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Mode of action: sleeve or vertical gastroplasty.

The sleeve involves removing a large part of the stomach to form a tube. The food will first be slowed down as it passes through the tube, then be evacuated very quickly into the small intestine.

The Sleeve acts by several mechanisms which combine:

  • A restriction (like gastroplasty).

  • A decrease in the level of grelin, which is the hunger hormone, which leads to a lack of interest in food.


The selection criteria are rigorous, it is not necessary to have a BMI greater than 40 to be operated on in Tunisia.We care for patients with a BMI of 30.

Result of a Sleeve in Tunisia

A Sleeve allows you to lose around forty kilos in a year. Namely a loss of 70% of excess weight. If it proves insufficient to achieve greater weight loss, it can then be transformed into a bypass under good safety conditions.

Currently, some teams offer the Sleeve instead of gastroplasty (gastric banding) for the following reasons:

  • It causes a rapid feeling of satiety, like gastroplasty.

  • It does not require the placement of a foreign body (gastric band).

  • Vomiting is less common than with gastroplasty.

  • It reduces the level of ghrelin, and therefore the feeling of hunger, as in the bypass.

  • It is carried out by laparoscopy

Hospitalization for Sleeve Gastrectomy Procedure

The hospitalization period for a sleeve gastrectomy is 5 nights, equivalent to a 6-day stay for optimal monitoring.

For obvious safety reasons, the duration of the stay will be enforced. This timeframe is essential to ensure that you can safely return home.

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