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About Sunesthetique

Sunesthetique offers care solutions in Tunisia

The services offered in cosmetic surgery, obesity, dental care and hair transplantation are intended to ensure the right choice of surgeon according to your request in order to obtain a satisfactory result, to provide advice and expertise in a field requiring a very specific technique in compliance with the regulations, ethical and deontological rules of the field of activity.

Sun Aesthetic  was created by French people since 2002 with a working method that remains "the trademark" that makes sun Esthétique a trusted site.

First a bit of history:

2002: birth of Sun Esthétique created by a French couple living in Tunisia.

2010: takeover of the Sun Esthétique brand by a French team, always keeping the same spirit and working method.

2014: Sun Esthétique is bought by a group specializing in medical tourism in Tunisia with the same work methodology and seriousness.

We operate at  80% word of mouth  ear, which is one of the best advertisements.

Sun Aesthetic Method

  • Be clear and honest

  • Do not present any illusions, be realistic, even if sometimes the file does not succeed, it is better to lose it rather than have dissatisfactions.

  • An accepted file is a file that is taken to the end,  know, before and after your intervention. For this, as you did before your intervention,  know how to contact us, we ask  what you also do afterwards  :-).

Objectives of the method

  • Give as much information as possible to people who contact us

  • See if the request is not exaggerated, if it is not motivated by a fashion effect and therefore temporary¦

  • Know the motivation and identify the exact need

  • Inform about the risks

The expected benefits of the method

  • Have an objective and realistic opinion

  • To better define the need

  • To eliminate the risks

  • To secure the course


A 15-year expertise has been made in the sector of cosmetic surgery, obesity, dental care and hair transplantation, this has allowed us to have an objective opinion, to avoid  the patience, the winding paths where often disappointment is at the rendezvous.

The content of this site does not replace any medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
Only a health professional is able to answer any question relating to your state of health or to issue a medical opinion, diagnosis or medical treatment. Do not hesitate to seek the advice of your doctor.

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