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How to proceed ?

Fill in the form
Fill in the form

1)  Fill in the form.

2)  We will send you your file quickly.

3)  Processing of the request.

4) Medical examinations to send to us

5) Your confirmation to book your intervention.

Fill in the form

please send us your photos by email to: The photos are essential for the analysis of your file.

Instructions for taking your photos: 1 front photo and 1 profile photo of the areas to be treated (with an overall view and not too close).

We will quickly send you your file


In return, we will quickly send you your complete file including

  • Your detailed quote

  • The surgeon's CV

  • Your medical report

  • Intervention descriptions

  • Before and after photos of patients

Application processing

The request will be processed by a surgeon for an accurate diagnosis.

Medical examinations to send to us


Before your arrival in Tunisia and For all interventions, a complete blood test is required (test less than 3 months old)

Full blood count detail

  • Complete Blood Count

  • Hemostasis assessment

  • Blood group

  • Prothrombin

  • Cephalin-Kaolin Time

  • Bleeding time

  • Hemostasis assessment

  • blood sugar

  • Creatinemia

  • Hepatic assessment B and C

  • HIV


A mammogram or ultrasound (breast surgery)

An ophthalmological assessment (eye surgery)

A cardiological assessment including a cardiovascular examination with an electrocardiogram from the age of 45.

A chest x-ray if you are over 50, a smoker, or if your last x-ray was over two years ago.

For those who have a chronic disease (eg diabetes, cholesterol, etc.) a recent assessment of your disease is requested.

Your confirmation to book your intervention


please send us a copy of your plane tickets by email to

  • The arrival airport is Tunis Carthage.


  • Check that you have a valid passport, please let us know if you only have an identity document.

In return, we will send you your daily schedule as well as the list of our medical team for your care as soon as you arrive at the airport.

The content of this site does not replace any medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
Only a health professional is able to answer any question relating to your state of health or to issue a medical opinion, diagnosis or medical treatment. Do not hesitate to seek the advice of your doctor.

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