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Cost of Gastric Bypass in Tunisia, France, Belgium, and Turkey

Mode of action: sleeve or vertical gastroplasty.

The sleeve consists of removing a large part of the stomach to form a tube. The food will first be slowed down during its passage through the tube, then be evacuated very quickly into the small intestine.

The Sleeve acts through several mechanisms that combine:

  • A restriction (such as gastroplasty).

  • A decrease in the level of grelin, which is the hunger hormone, which leads to a lack of interest in food.


The selection criteria are rigorous, it is not necessary to have a BMI greater than 40 to be operated on in Tunisia. We treat patients with a BMI of 30.

Result of a Sleeve 

A Sleeve allows you to lose about forty kilos in one year. Namely a loss of 70% of excess weight. If it turns out to be insufficient to obtain greater weight loss, it can then be transformed into a bypass under good safety conditions.

Currently, some teams offer the Sleeve instead of gastroplasty (gastric banding) for the following reasons:

  • It causes a rapid feeling of satiety, like gastroplasty.

  • It does not require the placement of a foreign body (gastric band).

  • Vomiting is less common than with gastroplasty.

  • It decreases the level of ghrelin, and therefore the feeling of hunger, as in the bypass.

  • It is performed by laparoscopy


If you are considering bariatric surgery abroad, be cautious about the various prices advertised online. Low prices can sometimes indicate inferior quality of materials used, which can compromise the safety of the operation. Additionally, the length of your stay is also a factor to consider; it is recommended to avoid stays of 3 or 4 days.




Ensure that the quoted price includes post-operative medication and follow-up examinations.

Before making your decision, ask the following questions:

  • Will the clinic or surgeon cover complications if they arise?

  • Does the surgeon have extensive experience in obesity surgery?

  • Does the surgeon perform all types of bariatric procedures?

  • Who will be responsible for managing complications if needed?

  • Does the surgeon use high-quality materials?

  • Do the surgeon and medical team speak your language?

It is important to ask all these questions to make an informed choice and ensure the safety of your operation.

Opinions of patients Dr Patrick Noël


To gather feedback on the procedures, a Facebook group has been created to discuss the outcomes.

Facebook link: click here

Mode of action: bypass.

The gastric bypass procedure consists of reducing the volume of the stomach and modifying the food circuit. Food no longer passes through the stomach and the upper part of the digestive tract, it goes directly to the middle part of the small intestine.

Result of Gastric Bypass


The bypass should lead to a very significant weight loss of around 5 kg per month, during the first 6 months, then a weight loss of 2 to 4 kg per month.


According to scientific data, the bypass causes you to lose – on average – 70% of excess weight in 1 year.



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