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Dental bridges

If a tooth is missing, it is important to replace it with a false tooth (or artificial tooth) as soon as possible. This will prevent the remaining teeth from becoming misaligned and causing further problems.

The BRIDGE, also called "fixed prosthesis" or "fixed partial prosthesis",

is permanently attached to neighboring healthy teeth and replaces one or more teeth.


The length of stay required may vary depending on the number of bridges prescribed

and any care that may accompany.

Replacement of several teeth: bridge on implant.

In this case, when replacing the three back teeth,

a bridge on implants is the only possible fixed solution.

Usually, dentures do not offer the same stability or functionality. Replacing your back teeth with dental implants guarantees strength and stability that will allow you to eat whatever you want.

Its maintenance is done in the same way as that of natural teeth.

  Replacement of several teeth: bridge on existing teeth

By relying on the teeth on each side, they can replace one or even two missing teeth.

A larger bridge is nevertheless feasible.


Lifespan of a Bridge?


A bridge can last between 5 and 20 years, depending mainly on hygiene and maintenance, the material of the bridge (gold alloy versus porcelain), and also oral habits (grinding your teeth, chewing ice cream or biting fingernails decreases the lifespan of a bridge).











Dental bridges in Tunisia ​

Dental bridges in Tunisia

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