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Vaginoplasty is the surgery of the vagina, it allows to tighten the muscular floor of the woman: vaginoplasty is sometimes called vaginal rejuvenation. Indeed, childbirth can cause distension of the muscles of the vagina which rarely regains its size naturally thereafter.

This side effect increases the diameter of the vagina: the muscles are less toned. The pleasure may be less intense for both partners, and in addition the muscles of the perineum may be too weak to provide their support function as they should. This has quite embarrassing and undesirable effects and in particular the descent of organs (bladder, uterus, vagina).

Vaginoplasty rejuvenation of the vagina in Tunisia,  is only intended to "rehabilitate" the vagina stretched by childbirth or by natural aging.


Symptoms of stress incontinence can be related to a distended vagina. In this case, the surgeon can treat both problems at the same time and do both operations at once. This intervention is useless for the treatment of the libidinal disorders and the absence of orgasm.

Vaginoplasty intervention in Tunisia

Vaginoplasty intervention in Tunisia

Anesthesia : general short
Duration of the intervention : 1 hour 
Recovery: 4 to 5 days.

Pre-operative assessment: blood test, lung X-ray for smokers and an electrocardiogram for people over 45 years old.

What are the consequences after a vaginoplasty?

The postoperative course can be painful for the first few days.

An analgesic treatment will be prescribed for a few days.

  • A return to daily activities usually occurs 4-5 days after vaginoplasty.

  • The resumption of sexual activity is possible 4 weeks after the operation.

  •   Pregnancy is always possible after vaginoplasty.

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