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Breast reduction

Breast reduction surgery in Tunisia

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that reduces breast hypertrophy, that is to say breasts that are too large. Breast reduction removes both the skin, the mammary gland and even excess fat. The intervention can bring a real functional benefit on back pain.

Breast reduction intervention in Tunisia

Anesthesia: general
Duration of the intervention: 1h to 1h30
Recovery: 10 to 15 days.

Pre-operative assessment: blood test, mammography or breast ultrasound, chest X-ray for smokers and an electrocardiogram for people over 45 years old.

Breast reduction involves:

  • Reduce breast size by removing fat, gland.

  • Raise and concentrate the breasts upwards, favoring a natural appearance.

  • Re-tension the skin

  • Reshape and reshape the breasts, resecting excess skin.

  • Breast reduction also makes it possible to correct any breast asymmetry.

The scars 

Breast reduction necessarily requires scars on the breast. There are 2 types of scars for breast reduction: the vertical scar and the inverted T scar. The choice between these 2 scars depends on the degree of slackening of the skin. The T will be necessary in cases of significant breast enlargement.

  • the periareolar scar (around the areola),

  • the inverted T-scar

  • and the vertical scar.


vertical scar

  • A circular scar around the areola

  • A vertical scar from the areola to the lower crease of the breasts


Inverted T Scar

  • A circular scar around the areola.

  • A vertical scar from the areola to the lower crease of the breasts

  • A horizontal scar in the submammary fold (inverted T-scar).


Like all scars, they are permanent. Their appearance may be red and visible for several months. These scars evolve favorably most often. They must be protected from the sun for about 1 year.

What are the consequences after a breast reduction?

  • The postoperative course can be painful for the first few days.

  • An analgesic treatment will be prescribed for a few days.

  • The first dressings are removed after 24 hours.

  • The non-wired bra will be worn night and day for approximately 1 month and a half

  • No threads to remove, everything is absorbable.

  • The first shower is authorized the day after the removal of the drains.


There are during the first weeks following mastopexy for breast ptosis:

  • Edema (swelling) of the breasts. Of varying importance. It fades in the first few weeks, and can sometimes persist for a month or more.

  • Ecchymoses (bruises) of the breasts. They persist for a few weeks, and at least 15 to 21 days.

  • A feeling of tension in the breasts. It fades in a few weeks.

  • Sometimes pain, which is well relieved by simple analgesic treatments.

  • Discomfort when raising the arms is very often observed.

  • The resumption of sports activities must be gradual, from 2 months


The surveillance of the breasts by mammography within the framework of systematic screening for breast cancer is not disturbed by the breast prosthesis.  However, you must inform your gynecologist and the radiologist. It is advisable to perform a reference mammogram a few months after the operation, then every 2 years.

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