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Breast lipofilling

Breast lipofilling (fat injection) IN TUNISIA

Breast lipofilling (fat injection) IN TUNISIA

This new technique has been validated by the French Society of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in Aesthetics, it is breast augmentation by fat injection. This intervention allows to increase the chest circumference with a natural result.

There is no rejection of the fat, because the surgeon reinjects the patient's own fat (punctured by liposuction in an area such as the belly, hips or saddlebags) into each breast.

Lipofilling is a good technique in the following cases :

  • The incisions are 2 mm placed in the submammary fold. Moderate volume increase

  • Filling of the upper part of the breasts following the loss of volume in women who have breastfed

  • Correction of breast asymmetries

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