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Labiaplasty Nymphoplasty


Labiaplasty concerns the surgery of the large and small vaginal lips. Labiaplasty or vaginal nymphoplasty performed in Tunisia, is an intimate aesthetic surgery operation of the lips which aims to improve the aesthetics of the female genitalia.

This operation is purely aesthetic and its main function will be to reduce the upper lips and beautify the lower lips of the vagina without altering their functionality.


This intimate cosmetic surgery operation is also called nymphoplasty.

Intervention Labiaplasty Nymphoplasty in Tunisia

Labiaplasty Nymphoplasty intervention in Tunisia

Anesthesia : general short
Duration of the intervention : 1 hour 
Recovery: 4 to 5 days.

Pre-operative assessment: blood test, lung X-ray for smokers and an electrocardiogram for people over 45 years old.

Intimate cosmetic surgery of the vaginal lips will consist of:

For the labia majora, a small liposuction if the problem comes from excess fat, or removal of the excess skin followed by a suture if the problem comes from flaccid and drooping skin. For the labia minora, to reduce the size when these are too  embarrassing. The best nymphoplasty technique is the one that consists of removing a triangle on the posterior half of the lip (see diagram). Thus, the appearance of the folds of the lip is preserved, and the scar is concealed at the junction of the labia majora and the labia minora.

The advantages of the resection of a posterior triangle are: scars concealed in the folds between the labia minora and labia majora, same color of the labia minora once sutured, same thickness of the lip along its entire length; preservation of natural lip folds. When the vaginal lips are too small (hypotrophy) or non-existent (atrophy), a fat graft from the patient is done to make the lips more swollen and restore all its sensuality to the vulva.

What are the consequences after a Labiaplasty?

  • The postoperative course can be painful for the first few days.

  • An analgesic treatment will be prescribed for a few days.

  • The first dressings are removed after 24 hours.

  • A return to daily activities usually occurs 4-5 days after labiaplasty.

  • The resumption of sexual activity is possible 4 weeks after the operation.

  • Pregnancy is always possible after labiaplasty.

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