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Eyebrow transplant


The lack of eyebrows is often due to an excess of hair removal, the hair having, like the hair, a lifespan and a limited number of regrowths.

But there are also women who simply suffer from a lack of hairiness, or from asymmetrical eyebrows.


If you lack worry or to redraw a beautiful line without going through the tattoo which does not have a natural effect.

Consider eyebrow transplant.

Grafts can also be used to hide facelift or burn scars.

Armpit or pubic hair to replace eyelashes and eyebrows.

Unlike hair transplants, which are taken from the top of the neck, the hairs are removed one by one, in the armpits or on the top of the pubis, in places where they are not too curly.


Their texture is quite similar to that of the eyelash or the eyebrow but above all unlike the hair, the hair has the advantage of growing more slowly, it must therefore be cut less often!

Eyebrow transplant in Tunisia

Eyebrow transplant in Tunisia

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