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Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplant in Tunisia


Hair transplantation is a surgical act, it is performed in the operating room under local anesthesia associated with sedation with the monitoring essential for any intervention and under the presence of an anesthesiologist. The technique is safe : it is an autograft, eliminating all risk of rejection.

FUE transplant  is a  hair removal technique is scar-free, it is used to correct certain types of alopecia, the coverage of which can reach up to 4500 grafts

FUE hair transplant in Tunisia

Intervention Hair transplant TUNISIA  


Local anesthesia
Duration of the intervention: approximately 5 to 7 hours depending on the number of grafts
Preoperative assessment: blood assessment.

The principle of micro-grafts


The technique of follicular unit grafts, using micro grafts of 1 to 3 hairs exclusively, offers a perfectly natural and aesthetic result . This method is completely free of complications, and is characterized by the lightness of the operative acts, the safety and the quality of the final and definitive result.

Hair transplantation consists of taking a sample from the donor area located exclusively on the posterior part of the skull just above the nape of the neck (hypocratic crown), and relocating this hair to the areas affected by baldness.

These re-implanted hairs are said to be "eternal" because they are taken from an area where they are genetically programmed not to fall out. The result, which is truly natural, makes the intervention beyond suspicion and only a thin white line will remain later on for any scar. Invisible on short hair, only a shave of the head will reveal it. The main areas to be covered are generally the gulfs, the frontal line, the intermediate zone and the tonsure.



The hair grows in the days following the intervention. Generally, the grafts fall from the 10th day. The hair that falls out is whole, which does not fail to worry the patient.

However the stem cells, which will produce the new hair, are always present in the scalp and will ensure  regrowth after two to three months, but the result will only be completely definitive after 12 months.

Side effects


Swelling may occur in the forehead and eyelids on the 3rd day, as well as temporary numbness in the donor area.

Price HAIR TRANSPLANT FUE technique (graft without scar) in  TUNISIA


Unique PACKAGE: 2000€ for up to 4500 grafts in a single session.

with the stay of 3 days / 2 nights  full board for Tunisia, Transfers included.

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