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Breast Augmentation Surgery in Tunisia

Breast augmentation will consist of increasing or restoring volume to breasts that are too small. Breast augmentation can be done by adding silicone gel breast prostheses or by lipofilling (injection of fat)

Be careful, if your breasts are sagging, you will need to combine a breast lift, either with a single scar (round block) or several scars depending on the degree of ptosis (sagging skin).

Breast Augmentation Intervention in Tunisia

Anesthesia: general
Duration of the intervention: 1h to 1h30
Recovery: 10 to 15 days.

Pre-operative assessment: blood test, mammography or breast ultrasound, chest X-ray for smokers and an electrocardiogram for people over 45 years old.

Positions of the prostheses?

The placement of breast prostheses: is done either in front of the muscle (retro-glandular) or behind the muscle (retro-muscular).

  • Retro-glandular prosthesis (before the muscle)

  • Retro-muscular prosthesis (after the muscle)


There are advantages and disadvantages for each of the positions:

“Forward” position of the pectoralis major muscle

Benefits :

  • Less painful in the immediate post-operative period

  • Less risk of immediate malposition

  • More aesthetic appearance if the breast is relaxed and relaxed, because the prosthesis "accompanies" the descent of the breast.



  • Often gives a bulge to the upper pole of the breast, unnatural (need to frequently use anatomical implants in this position.

  • In lean patients or patients with a small glandular diameter, the prosthesis is found under the skin and the contours of the prosthesis are visible, even perceptible to the touch.

  • The weight of the implant is directly transmitted to the breast and its skin: therefore theoretically this position can favor the progressive descent of the breast, in particular on poor quality skin.


Position "back" of the pectoralis major muscle


Benefits :

  • Less bulging at the upper pole of the breast since the implant undergoes the pressure of the pectoral muscle at its upper pole.

  • Implant located deeper so less visible and less noticeable, especially in thin patients.

  • Disadvantages:

  • More painful during the 8 to 10 days following the procedure.

  • Risk during this short period of ascent of the implant under the effect of muscular pressure with unsightly bulging of the upper pole of the breast, wearing the "conformator" for about ten days reduces this risk (it is an elastic strap passing under the arms and on the upper pole of the breasts).

  • Sometimes, when the pectoralis major muscle is very stretched out and very powerful, the appearance of deformation of the breasts at the time of violent muscle contractions, the appearance returning to normal at the end of the contraction.


Breast implants, the natural result

  • Cohesive silicone gel with natural consistency to the touch

  • Fine contours of the prosthesis for a soft neckline

  • Round implants with different filling levels (low, medium or high profile) which fill the neckline more in large volumes or high profile.

  • Micro-textured cover to prevent blisters


Finally, no systematic change of the breast prosthesis every 10 years, but simple control of the prostheses by mammography.

The scars

The incisions created to introduce the breast implants will leave very small scars. Very short, they can be located in different locations:

  • Via the lower areola (around the nipple)

  • Axillary (armpit)

  • Via the submammary route (submammary fold)


The postoperative course

The postoperative course can be painful for the first few days, especially when the implant is placed behind the pectoralis major muscle.

  • An analgesic treatment will be prescribed for a few days.

  • The first dressings are removed after 24 hours.

  • The non-wired bra will be worn night and day for approximately 1 month.

  • No threads to remove, everything is absorbable.

  • The first shower is authorized the day after the intervention.

  • The resumption of sports activities must be gradual, from 3 months.


The surveillance of the breasts by mammography within the framework of systematic screening for breast cancer is not disturbed by the breast prosthesis.  However, you must inform your gynecologist and the radiologist. It is advisable to perform a reference mammogram a few months after the operation, then every 2 years


The results

  • It can be enjoyed from the third month. The results are most often excellent and natural and the scars almost invisible.


The content of this site does not replace any medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
Only a health professional is able to answer any question relating to your state of health or to issue a medical opinion, diagnosis or medical treatment. Do not hesitate to seek the advice of your doctor.

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